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  • Property Inspection Checklists

    This is a Do It Yourself Building Inspection Check List For The Home Buyer. It’s been said so often it has become a cliché – the family home is usually the biggest investment anyone ever makes. Yet too many people launch themselves into it without sufficient care. It’s hard to imagine a car buyer going ahead without first checking the motor or at least having a test drive. A house buyer outlaying eight or ten times as much often does just that! If you are a ‘do it yourself’ purchaser, here’s a pre-purchase building inspection checklist you might find handy. If you spot any of these items below from our property inspections checklist, you will need the help of a professional to investigate the significances of the fault

    Published: 03 February 2023

  • Introduction to Home Plan Marketplace

    The Home Plan Marketplace is a full platform designed to help consumers build their dream home by providing them with not only predesigned home plans. Our marketplace brings Architects, home designers, businesses in the home building industry and future homeowners together to buy and sell home plans. Rest easy knowing that our average contributing designer has over 20 years of experience. Many of our award winning plans have been sold worldwide.

    Published: 23 November 2022

  • A Guide to Curtains & Window Treatments

    Great window treatments are an investment, not just dollarwise, but also from a style perspective. It important that you choose and hang or install them right the first time. If you are confused by possibilities relating picking your curtains and window treatments, this guide will help you find the right window treatment for every window in your home. Whether you are wondering how to hang curtains the right way, want to know where to buy curtains and drapes, or are debating if blinds are the best option, this guide will walk you through each decision in selecting your curtains and window treatments. If you decide that curtains are the right window treatments for your home or certain rooms in your home, this guide will help you pick the right fabric, curtain rod, and tiebacks to complete the look. Not sure if curtains and drapes are the right choice? Find out when blinds are your best bet, how to measure for them, and where to buy them. And remember, don't be afraid to opt for different window treatments from home.

    Published: 18 April 2022

  • Your Guide to Making Compost For Your Garden

    Some common misconceptions of home composting are that it's too complicated, it'll smell funny, and it's messy. These may be true if you compost the wrong way, but composting the right way is actually quite simple. At the simplest level, composting requires gathering a mix of 'Greens' and 'Browns'. Greens are materials that are rich in nitrogen such as leaves, grass, and food scraps. Whereas Browns are more woody materials that are rich in carbon, such as stalks, paper, and wood chips. Just layer organic materials, add a dash of soil and a splash of water, and wait for your concoction to turn into humus (the best soil booster around!). You can then improve your flower garden with compost, top dress your lawn, feed your growing veggies, and more. Once you get your compost pile started, you'll find that it's an easy way to repurpose kitchen scraps and other organic materials into something that can help your plants thrive.

    Published: 31 March 2022

  • A Guide to Xeriscape Landscaping

    Xeriscaping is the process of landscaping, or gardening, that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation. It is promoted in regions that do not have accessible, plentiful, or reliable supplies of fresh water and is gaining acceptance in other regions as access to irrigation water becomes limited, though it is not limited to such climates – Xeriscape Landscaping may be an alternative to various types of traditional gardening. In some areas, terms such as water-conserving landscaping, drought-tolerant landscaping, and smart scaping are used instead. The use of plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate is emphasized, and care is taken to avoid losing water to evaporation and runoff. However, the specific plants used in xeriscaping vary based on climate as this strategy can be used in xeric, mesic, and hydric environments. Xeriscaping is different from natural landscaping, because the emphasis in xeriscaping is on selection of plants for water conservation, not necessarily selecting native plants.

    Published: 27 March 2022

  • Tips for Sustainable Landscaping and garden design

    Sustainable landscaping and Garden Design is an approach to designing and constructing the artificial landscapes that surround our buildings and improving the natural landscapes which already exist. Sustainable landscaping means putting back much of what may have been in place before development, thereby enhancing biodiversity. It may also mean introducing things that were not there before, to ensure that the landscape can be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable in future. While the benefits are obvious (less maintenance, cost and labour) actually achieving a sustainable landscape and garden means changing the way we think about home landscaping. The following are a few tips for sustainable landscaping and garden design.

    Published: 29 August 2021

  • Keeping Kids and Pets Safe In The Shed

    When was the last time you crawled on your hands and knees around your garage or your shed? As strange as that may sound, maybe you should give it a try. If you have children or pets, you should be well aware that they have a natural tendency to explore their everyday environment. Therefore, it is imperative that you check things out from their perspective to ensure that your garage and shed are child and pet friendly. When we hear the term childproofing, we often think of babies. However, whether we like to believe it or not, the leading cause of death in kids 14 years of age and under is due to unintentional injury. What is more astounding is that more than a third of these injuries occur right at home. With that being said, it is clear to see that safety around your home is something that should be taken very seriously. Many home garages or sheds are filled with power tools, hazardous chemicals, heavy boxes, and choking hazards like small screws and bolts. In these parts of the home, families may not have taken the same precautions they did to secure chemicals in the kitchen or laundry room. This guide contains basic safety information and actionable tips that homeowners who have garages or sheds can use to reduce injury risk for children or pets.

    Published: 17 July 2021

  • 10 Tips for an Easy DIY Move

    Are you planning your next move? Are you looking to save big bucks? Then DIY move is the way to go. While hiring a professional moving company may save you time and energy, it certainly won’t save you money. That is because removalists can be quite expensive to hire. Fortunately, there are less expensive ways to move. Renting a moving truck, trailer, or moving container are a few ways you can cut down on relocation costs when preparing for a DIY move. These options also make it possible for you to move yourself without having to resort to hiring a moving company. Of course, there are some valuables – for instance a piano, valuable antique, hot tub or heavy appliance – that are best left to the professionals when moving. For these specific items, it is highly recommend hiring a specialty removalist to handle the delicate items. Most other items, though, can easily be moved with the help of friends. For recommendations on making your DIY a bit easier, take a look at the following 10 tips.

    Published: 27 June 2021

  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

    Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are a critically important part of your house. One of your most essential tasks as a homeowner is to keep your HVAC functioning effectively and efficiently. A poorly maintained HVAC system results in higher energy bills. If the system is not running at its peak efficiency, it will take more and more energy to heat or cool your home to the level at which you feel comfortable. Planned maintenance of your HVAC system means lower energy costs because a well-maintained system reduces energy usage. Here are some things you should regularly check and do to ensure your HVAC system is in good working order.

    Published: 27 June 2021

  • Home Maintenance Schedule and Checklist

    Home ownership is the main financial investment for majority of people in Australia and all over the world. For most people, this is often seen as an ultimate life goal. Having your own parcel of land and living in your own home is a great achievement. With this investment and achievement comes an equally huge responsibility of caring for your home. To keep your house looking great and to prevent serious damage, it really pays to constantly perform routine maintenance. Some tasks are required to be done as regularly as weekly and monthly, whereas others, normally the bigger and more involving tasks, require to be done on an annual, two yearly, five yearly or ten yearly intervals. To make it easier and ensure that you do not miss any essential planned preventative maintenance tasks for your home, we have put together a home maintenance checklist below, which contains the fundamentals for home maintenance, and if you do your best to stick to it, you will reap the rewards a few years down the track.

    Published: 27 June 2021

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